Cool Peppermint Cream Holiday Fudge

Peppermint Holiday Magic!

Looking for the perfect holiday recipe to satisfy the dietary restrictions & picky eaters in your family? This peppermint fudge may just do the trick – using all organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. This recipe’s simple ingredients also make this a perfect treat for sharing with kids!

Holiday fudge has always been my favorite treat this time of year. The indulgence of smooth & creamy fudge melting in your mouth is just perfect for the cozy winter holiday season. For maximum chocolatey goodness, I like to pair this recipe with our Spiced Magic Hot Chocolate.

Introducing Cool Peppermint Cream

Our Cool Peppermint Cream Chocolate adds notes of cooling peppermint to the rich decadence of the fudge. If you haven’t tried our Cool Peppermint Cream yet, it is a must-have and my favorite flavor of our Magic All-One Chocolate. Lightly sweet mint is perfectly balanced with complex notes of roasted cocoa and coconut sugar for a uniquely fresh, lively, and sophisticated experience in each bite.

Five Simple Organic Ingredients

The best part of this holiday fudge is that it only uses five simple organic ingredients! The result is a lighter, healthier fudge that doesn’t leave you feeling slow or heavy after eating.

Anyone can make this recipe at home using a makeshift double boiler with a heatproof metal or glass mixing bowl over a large pot on the stove. Make sure that all bowls and utensils are completely free of water when mixing, as water droplets can seize your chocolate and create a grainy texture. I recommend a small 6” x 9” pan for pouring the fudge mix and letting the fudge cool for 6 – 8 hours before cutting. For the cleanest lines in your fudge, be sure to wipe down your knife while cutting.

The rest is simple! After just a few minutes of mixing in a double boiler, the organic peppermint candy cane toppings provide a delicious crunch paired with the moist cooling peppermint fudge.

All-One Family Love!

I loved this treat so much that I whipped up a few hundred pieces for my All-One Dr. Bronner’s family at our holiday party. I hope you feel the All-One love in this recipe too and enjoy sharing with your loved ones. ❤️



    1. Line a 6×9 pan with parchment paper
    2. Crush 3 large or 6 small organic candy canes
    3. Finely chop 4 bars chocolate, set aside
    4. Measure cashew butter, coconut cream, and vanilla, then set aside.
    5. Prepare a double boiler on medium heat and have an accurate thermometer on hand. See below for more notes on using a double boiler.
    6. Gently heat the chopped chocolate using a spoon or wire whisk.
    7. As chocolate begins to melt, add coconut cream, cashew butter, and vanilla. Pay close attention to the thermometer as chocolate and ingredients begin to combine. The chocolate will start melting at about 85-90° The double boiler should be on a slow simmer. If the water is getting too hot and boiling remove double boiler from heat and continue stirring. You can also remove the bowl portion from the boiler as the bowl will retain heat. Heat ingredients until just combined. The temp should be between 110 and 115 degrees when this occurs.
    8. Remove bowl with chocolate and pour fudge into a 6×9 inch pan.
    9. Let cool until fudge is starting to set. Once temperature of fudge drops under 89° F, sprinkle with crushed peppermint.
    10. Cool fudge for 6-8 hours at room temperature. Can be refrigerated but brought to room temperature before serving.
    11. Enjoy!

Notes for using a double boiler

    1. Water should not touch the bottom of insert bowl.
    2. The insert bowl should be fitted properly over the pan with water, not allowing steam into the top bowl with chocolate.
    3. The water should be on a slow simmer. Remove double boiler from heat if boil gets too rapid.
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