No, You Can’t Smoke This Soap

We could think of no better way to raise awareness about regenerative, organically grown cannabis, than to create this amazing Sun+Earth Cannabis-Scented Bar Soap, only available as part of the 2020 Sun+Earth crowdfunding campaign.

Sun+Earth Certified is the first-of-its-kind certification for cannabis products that are grown outdoors in a regenerative organic agriculture model. It’s a guarantee that cannabis is grown in soil in the sun without chemicals by fairly paid farmers and workers.

The soap is not for sale. It is a gift, along with Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer, for a donation of $25 or more to Sun+Earth Certified from November 20th to December 20th, 2020. Please visit to make a donation. (Note: crowdfunding gifts are only available in the U.S., while supplies last).

Like all of our soaps, the Sun+Earth bar features moisturizing hemp oil, and contains the added magic of Sun+Earth certified terpenes from regenerative organic hemp grown at East Fork Cultivars in Takilma, Oregon. It has an earthy, piney cannabis scent, but does not actually contain THC or CBD. It does not offer therapeutic properties that may be associated with cannabis topicals that contain cannabinoids. The scent is derived solely from hemp terpenes that are excluded from the definition of marijuana under U.S. federal law. And it is just as versatile as all our other bar soaps and can be used to wash hands, faces, dogs, laundry, dishes, produce and more.

We produced a very limited quantity of the Sun+Earth Cannabis-Scented bar soap exclusively for Sun+Earth—be sure to get yours before it runs out. And don’t forget to check out the awesome work of Sun+Earth Certified at to learn more about why cannabis should be grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth, without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and workers!  All One!

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