Why Dr. Bronner’s Supports Sun+Earth Certification

Dr. Bronner’s is firmly committed to regenerative organic agriculture—we were instrumental in getting Regenerative Organic Certification launched and are working on sourcing the majority of our ingredients from Regenerative Organic Certified projects. Why are we so fired up about regenerative organic agriculture? Crucially, we know that regenerative organic agriculture builds soil health and sequesters atmospheric carbon, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. In addition, it helps build strong communities and food systems, empowering small-scale family farmers. Dr. Bronner’s feels that regenerative organic principles should be applied to all forms of cultivation, including cannabis in states where it is legal to cultivate.

Photo courtesy of Sun+Earth Certified

Sun+Earth Certification was founded on Earth Day 2019—it exists to certify cannabis grown under the sun by fairly paid farmers, without chemicals, in the soil of Mother Earth. Because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, cannabis farmers cannot obtain organic certification, and by extension, they can’t be Regenerative Organic Certified either. Sun+Earth Certification gives recognition to cannabis farmers who are growing the right way

The certification’s three core pillars focus on:

1) Earth care & cultivation
2) Human empowerment
3) Community engagement

Sun+Earth Certified is the only nonprofit certification for cannabis in the U.S. that gives consumers the confidence and confirmation that their cannabis products are grown organically without chemical pesticides or fertilizers; that their cannabis is grown in natural sunlight without unnecessary energy consumption, and that they are supporting small-scale family farms using regenerative organic cultivation methods.

Photo courtesy of Briceland Forest Farm

Much of the cannabis currently being sold in dispensaries is grown indoors. These indoor grows use insane amounts of energy when compared to outdoor grows. The cannabis industry is largely unregulated when it comes to use of chemical inputs or how those chemicals are labeled on the end product (they aren’t). At the same time, massive corporate investment monopolizes the industry, pushing out heritage and family farms, many of which have been cultivating and perfecting their craft for decades.

Sun+Earth Certification needs all our support so that it can continue to help regenerative organic cannabis farmers thrive. Starting on November 20th, we’ll be supporting Sun+Earth’s crowdfunding and consumer education campaign on www.sunandearth.org. We have a very special, limited edition product that will be given as a gift in gratitude for donations to Sun+Earth—to be the first to know what it is when the campaign launches, make sure to sign up for Sun+Earth newsletter!

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