In Ivory Coast, Women Do 70% of Cocoa Work but Earn Just 20%. KANY Women’s Co-op Is Bridging This Income Gap.

In Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), women provide almost 70% of the labor on cocoa farms yet receive only 20% of the income [1]. KANY Scoops, Dr. Bronner’s primary cocoa supplier, is committed to addressing this disparity (KANY means “light” in Akan). This cooperative stands out for its focus on empowering women in cocoa farming, ensuring the crucial contributions of women are acknowledged and valued.

KANY farmer holding cocoa pods

Established in 2016 near Agboville, Ivory Coast, KANY Scoops was founded by Louise Topé. Central to KANY’s mission is the empowerment of women in cocoa farming. The project places a high value on women’s roles in farm operations and ensuring fair pay, even extending inclusion to those who do not own land.  

KANY Scoops Facts & Figures

  • Only 25% of landowners in Ivory Coast are women. Yet women play a critical role in the country’s cacao sector – the biggest in the world. Women do about 70% of the work on Ivory Coast cacao farms and receive only about 20% of the income, according to the African Development Bank [2].
  • Ivory Coast makes up over 60% of global cocoa production [3].
  • All permanent staff are women, totaling over 80 employees.
  • 20% of employees own their own farm and are also farmers.
  • KANY means “light” in the Akan language.
  • Fair trade and Regenerative Organic Certified®.
  • KANY is a partner cooperative of Dr. Bronner´s since 2020.

In this interview, founder Louise Topé discusses the challenges the co-op faces in cocoa farming and much more:

KANY currently works with about 500 certified organic farmers. KANY is also certified to the top fair trade standard under Fair for Life and is Regenerative Organic Certified® since 2023. It is a model of   ethical cocoa sourcing, placing a strong emphasis on transparency, authentic traceability, and ecological practices.  

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