What Defines a Mission-Driven Company? See Our Cosmic Impact in Action!

A mission-driven company goes beyond a mission statement. It’s about prioritizing people and uplifting everyone along the supply chain – employees, consumers, communities, and the environment.

This year we’ve been celebrating a significant achievement: 75 years in business for Dr. Bronner’s and a remarkable 165 years since the Bronner family began crafting soap in Laupheim, Germany back in 1858. Our founder, Emanuel Bronner, laid the foundation in 1948 for what Dr. Bronner’s is today. His commitment to a set of six cosmic principles has been an enduring model for us, culminating in this year’s special anniversary.

Mission-Driven Company
Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s and the All-One mission

From the very beginning, Dr. Bronner’s has embodied a mission-centered approach to business, driven by the desire to contribute positively to the world. As we look back on three-quarters of a century of spreading the ALL-ONE! Message, we’re more dedicated than ever to uncover how our business can elevate the livelihood of others and be a force of positive change.

Mission-Driven Company Practices at a Glance

Throughout the past two decades, Dr. Bronner’s has contributed close to $100 million towards various activist causes and charitable initiatives. During this time, we’ve campaigned for critical changes, including:

  • Advocating for increased minimum wage
  • Spearheading efforts to overhaul the nation’s detrimental drug policies
  • Championing the integration of psychedelic therapy as a means of healing hearts and minds
  • Safeguarding the wellbeing of farmed animals and marine life
  • Shedding light on the flaws of industrial agriculture, while actively working to shift it into a regenerative, organic, and equitable model
Mission-Driven Company
Dr. Bronner’s new Soap Refill Carton launched in Summer 2023

Check out our much anticipated 2023 All-One Report , detailing many of the initiatives that make Dr. Bronner’s so cosmic! This year’s report highlights the origins and legacy of our support for local nonprofits, supporting community betterment with our sister-company in Ghana through affordable school care systems and innovative recycling programs, empowering women in regenerative organic cocoa farming and production, and our latest efforts in sustainability and plastic reduction, including the debut of our pilot retailer “Bulk Refill Station” in California and the launch of one of our most exciting liquid soap packaging innovations to date!

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