“All-One” Means Supporting Trans People to Survive & Thrive!

Today is International Trans Day of Visibility! First created in 2010 to uplift trans people, community, stories of joy, triumph, and survival in the face of great adversity, the day also highlights ways that trans people are still living in oppression and struggling for full equality. As part of our ongoing All-One mission we at Dr. Bronner’s are proud to be supporting organizations that are trans-led and dedicated to trans-specific liberation on the local and national level. 

The visibility of trans people has grown so much in the past few years—this is something to celebrate! Trans people have been misrepresented and villainized in film and media for decades, but now trans artists, actors, and activists are telling their own stories and have entered into the mainstream like never before. This has allowed more people to know about the reality of trans existence. However, along with this nascent visibility, we have seen a terrifying backlash in regressive, anti-trans policies and rhetoric which are endangering trans people across the country. 

Last year, a record number of bills were introduced to limit the rights of trans individuals to access gender affirming health care, freely participate in athletics, public accommodations, expression, and education. This year, 22 states have banned gender-affirming care for trans minors, and over 300 new anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in 2024. In this political climate, it’s as important as ever to emphasize the breadth and humanity of trans people, and support the efforts of those who live and work to combat these policies, better their conditions, and thrive.


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Dr. Bronner’s has supported the LGBTQ+ community through ongoing nonprofit support and participation in Pride parades and festivals nationwide for more than a decade. Dr. Bronner’s has an LGBTQIA+ affinity group for staff members and all trans employees receive full benefits. Right now, however, in light of the alarming rhetoric and public policies being enacted against trans people, Dr. Bronner’s has committed to supporting trans-led organizations who are uplifting their communities through advocacy, direct services, and changing the narrative. This is also in honor of our employee Kaleb Vaughn, who was a trans black man whose life was tragically cut short when he died by suicide in 2021.  

We have put together a taskforce of trans employees to discuss and identify organizations doing amazing work for the trans community on the ground. It was important to us to identify grassroots organizations looking to uplift trans people at the intersection of identities who receive less support and visibility—BIPOC, incarcerated, and disabled folks—which ultimately uplifts the entire trans community and the liberation of all people. 

Without further ado, here in alphabetical order we will share highlights of each organization we are funding:

Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC) is a black trans-led organization committed to improving black transgender lives, building power within their communities and collectively addressing the challenges they face at the local, national and international level. Through a national advocacy center and community partnerships, they push for positive policy and against discrimination in health, employment, housing and education that disproportionately affect black trans people at the intersection of gender and race.  Every year, BTAC hosts the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference, a 5 day education and empowerment program. This year’s conference will be held in Dallas, Texas April 23-28th, 2024.


Familia TQLM

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (TQLM) is invested in the collective liberation of Latinx trans, queer, and gender nonconforming people through organizing, advocacy, movement building, storytelling, and political education. Building toward a legacy of racial justice and liberation, they seek to connect and empower people on local and national immigration and LGBTQIA+ issues, across the US and along the border. They seek to abolish the systems that marginalize, criminalize, imprison, and kill our people to (re)imagine our communities free from oppression. They have led direct actions to end the detention of trans immigrants, started voter education campaigns, and are part of the unique coalition Border Butterflies Project to support LGBTQIA+ migrants with essential services and grassroots empowerment. In 2023 they launched the base building tour “Familia En El Sur”, held in cities across the Southern United States, to build power and raise awareness of state and national policies threatening Latinx and LGBTQIA+ people. They co-hosted community events, offered healing spaces, and documented and celebrated trans and queer Latinx lives. 

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Gender Illumination

Gender Illumination creates healing, mentorship, leadership, and ritual programs for trans, gender queer, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people and facilitates opportunities for people to explore their own personal gender journeys and identities. Gender Illumination is committed to working from a place of intersectionality and acknowledging how racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism are directly connected. They provide one on one mentorship for people who are stepping into their gender identity and need support. Gender Illumination has specific programs to uplift the voices of community members including the Black Lives Matter Emergent Writers Program, Serving Me Magazine, and two performance pieces titled The MultiGenderVerse and Seahorse Revolution. They offer public speaking classes, workshops on gender and decolonization, performance art, and rituals for name changes, life cycle events, and other trans specific experiences. Gender Illumination also works with existing faith based communities to help them become trans and nonbinary inclusive.

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The Okra Project

The Okra Project is a mutual aid collective that seeks to support Black trans people in alleviating the barriers to developing food security, housing security and mental wellness. Originally founded in Brooklyn, NY, they have expanded their support across the US. This past year, they supported the Black trans community through their Winter Utilities Fund, two Rides and Meals Funds in partnership with Uber, mental health support through BetterHelp, Holiday Grocery fund, and more.

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Trans Empowerment Project

Trans Empowerment Project is dedicated to moving the trans community “out of crisis and into empowerment” by shifting the narrative, building power and improving access to essential resources for the most marginalized in our community. By centering Disabled 2TIGE-BIPOC (2-Spirit, Trans, Intersex, Gender-Expansive members who are also Black, Indigenous, and or People of Color) in creating equitable systems of support, they are ensuring the bodily and community health and autonomy of the whole of our society. Their programming ranges from providing direct aid in accessing healthcare, employment opportunity and inclusion, to uplifting trans-told stories, inmate advocacy, and mentorship & trainings on effective allyship and powerbuilding.

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TransFamily Support Services

TransFamily Support Services is a San Diego-based organization dedicated to offering support, guidance, and advocacy for transgender and nonbinary youth and their families nationwide. TFSS employs various strategies such as direct services, education, and advocacy, to fulfill their mission of saving lives by shaping a gender affirming community. This includes hosting family support groups and engagement sessions to foster safe and supportive home environments. Additionally, they facilitate peer-to-peer support groups for youth, mentorship programs, and provide assistance with navigating insurance, health, and legal systems. Although their physical presence is in Southern California, they extend many of their support services online to individuals across the United States.

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Trans Visible Montana

Trans Visible Montana is a statewide collective  of transgender, non-binary, and two spirit Montanans with support from local organizations and communities. The organization provides leadership development, visibility, and public education through free and low-cost services to expand liberation for all. They value lived experience, decentralized collective power, education for liberation, and anti-racism. They are the only trans specific organization in all of Montana and focus on racial justice work, giving BIPOC members a weighted vote of 1.5. Trans Visible Montana offers a free leadership camp exclusively by and for trans, nonbinary, and two spirit Montanans. 

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We are honored to be in solidarity with these powerful organizations and we are committed to the ongoing efforts of trans liberation and thus liberation for all. 

With Love & Solidarity,

Dr. Bronner’s 2024 Trans Funding Team

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