Dr. Bronner’s Supports New Consumer Education Campaign Weed Like Change from April 11-July 11, 2022

Top-Selling Natural Brand of Soap Joins Farmers, Brands, Dispensaries, and others in Advocacy Effort to Promote Regenerative Organic Cannabis

April 18, 2022

VISTA, CA – Dr. Bronner’s, the family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soaps in North America, is supporting the consumer education campaign, Weed Like Change, taking place in California and Oregon from April 11 through July 11, 2022. Led by a diverse coalition of regenerative organic cannabis farmers, brands, dispensaries, allied businesses, and nonprofit organizations, Weed Like Change seeks to educate the public about the environmental benefits of regenerative organic farming in the cannabis industry. To help spread this message, Dr. Bronner’s has produced a special “Weed Like Change!” label on a limited edition run of its 4oz. Castile Liquid Soap bottles, which will be distributed at campaign education events throughout California and Oregon. Further information about the Weed Like Change campaign, is available at: www.WeedLikeChange.org

“Small-scale legacy cannabis farmers fear they are at risk of extinction. To keep these farmers in business as well as for the broader health of people and planet it is imperative for cannabis consumers to choose sun-grown regenerative organic cannabis,” said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer of Dr. Bronner’s. “We need to transition the global food system and the cannabis industry to regenerative organic agriculture and away from the dominant carbon intensive industrial model that threatens the livelihoods of small-scale farmers.”

The Weed Like Change campaign seeks to support regenerative organic cannabis farmers and brands who are at risk of losing their businesses, due to being priced out of the cannabis industry by unsustainable overproduction of indoor-grown, chemical-intensive cannabis and prohibitive regulatory schemes. Through consumer education the campaign aims to strengthen the market for cannabis from regenerative organic farms that have long been the heart of the cannabis industry. The campaign intends to increase consumer awareness and spike demand for ethical, ecological, and sun-grown cannabis produced by small-scale farmers in California and Oregon.

Dr. Bronner’s support for Weed Like Change is rooted in the company’s commitment to regenerative organic agriculture and drug policy reform. Dr. Bronner’s views drug policy reform as a critical social justice issue, and supports passage of the MORE Act in Congress, and the complete descheduling of cannabis as a controlled substance at the federal level. The MORE Act would not only decriminalize cannabis on the federal level, it would also authorize a 5% federal sales tax on cannabis to create an “Opportunity Trust Fund” for three grant programs. These programs would provide services to the “individuals most adversely impacted by the War on Drugs,” as well as loans for small businesses in the cannabis industry owned by people of color.

Dr. Bronner’s “Weed Like Change!” 4oz. soaps will be provided for free at campaign education events, and its message encourages consumers to pledge their support for regenerative organic cannabis products, such as Sun+Earth Certified products.




About Weed Like Change

Weed Like Change is a public education campaign to raise awareness about the importance of buying environmentally sustainable, ethically produced cannabis, and the benefits of regenerative organic cannabis farming. For further information, visit: www.WeedLikeChange.org


About Dr. Bronner’s

Founded in the U.S. in 1948, Dr. Bronner’s is the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and a leading brand worldwide. The company is an independent, family-owned business based in California, committed to honoring the vision of founder Emanuel Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible personal care and food products of the highest quality, and by dedicating profits to help make a better world. Dr. Bronner’s commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability, and progressive business practices is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the “All-One” philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels. The company caps executive salaries at 5 times its lowest paid fully-vested position and donates all profits not needed for business development to causes and charities it believes in. Dr. Bronner’s generated nearly $170 million in revenue in 2021 and donated an estimated one third of profits to activist and charitable efforts. A bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold, on average, every 1.7 seconds last year, and a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold every 2.8 seconds. For more information, please go to: https://info.drbronner.com