Dr. Bronner’s Releases the 2021 All-One Report: “Taking Care of Each Other”

Top-Selling Natural Soap Brand Publishes Seventh Annual Impact Report Summarizing Metrics and Stories on Social Justice and Environmental Efforts in 2020

November 23, 2021

VISTA, CA – Dr. Bronner’s, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, has published its seventh annual All-One Report. Entitled “Taking Care of Each Other,” the brand’s unique take on a corporate social responsibility report summarizes the company’s philanthropic giving, environmental impact, and other important company developments in 2020. The report also details some projects that were developed throughout last year and launched in 2021, such as Dr. Bronner’s new Magic All-One Chocolate. The report spans the breadth and depth of Dr. Bronner’s support of environmental stewardship, social justice, and its modeling of progressive business practices. To view the seventh annual All-One Report, visit: www.drbronner.com/media-center/all-one-reports/.

In the introduction to the report, company Cosmic Engagement Officer David Bronner and President Michael Bronner, write: “As we reflect upon an unprecedented year, the overarching mandate for 2020 at Dr. Bronner’s was to ‘take care.’ In the face of a deadly pandemic, the inclination to approach every moment with care became second nature. Our first responsibility was to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and our broader community. This went hand in hand with our unique role as a manufacturer of essential hygiene products.”

To illustrate the many ways Dr. Bronner’s sought to ‘take care’ in 2020, the report details the company’s efforts to ensure employee safety and quality of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the disbursement of a “Covid bump” of $5,000 added to all end-of-year employee bonuses in 2020. Furthermore, the report contains a section titled “Facing Covid” which explains safety protocols implemented at Dr. Bronner’s manufacturing headquarters, as well as the company’s robust Covid-19 Mutual Aid Program which donated over 100,000 units of hand sanitizer and nearly equal amounts of 4oz Pure-Castile Liquid Soap to organizations and efforts supporting high-risk populations, such as seniors, people experiencing homelessness, frontline workers, and low-income communities.

“Taking Care of Each Other” also reports on Dr. Bronner’s diverse social justice-focused advocacy efforts and philanthropic giving—which notably includes a $100,000 donation to the Movement for Black Lives—the first in a 10 year pledge to give a total of $1 million; more than $9.9 million donated in support of Drug and Psychedelic Policy Reform—which in part led to significant ballot initiative victories in 2020; a total of $1.1 million allocated to Fair Trade projects in 2020; and much more, with Dr. Bronner’s total donations and sponsorships for 2020 tallied at more than $16 million—an estimated 8.6% of the brand’s net revenue of $188 million in 2020.

A leading B Corp company, Dr. Bronner’s earned the 2nd highest B Impact Score in the world in 2020, with a score of 178. Honoring its commitment to climate positivity and transparency in environmental stewardship, the 2021 All-One Report additionally details Dr. Bronner’s efforts to mitigate its plastic packaging footprint.  The brand’s pioneering work with Regenerative Organic Certified, along with statistics showing Dr. Bronner’s agricultural supply chain and carbon farming impacts, further tell the story of how Dr. Bronner’s operational systems reflect the company’s Cosmic Principle to “Treat the Earth Like Home.” In 2020, 27,643 cultivated acres of Dr. Bronner’s agriculture supply chain were Regenerative Organic Certified, and 335 Dynamic Agroforestry acres were cultivated as part of the company’s carbon farming efforts.

The report also details on Dr. Bronner’s employee benefits and company finances, including fully-paid health insurance for all full time employees, and the starting salary for permanent workers set at $20.80 per hour — 60% higher than California’s average hourly wage of $13 per hour. Dr. Bronner’s maintains a compensation ratio of the company’s highest paid executives to 5 times that of the lowest-paid fully vested position. In addition to U.S. social justice and environmental advocacy efforts, the 2021 All-One Report also provides an overview of the brand’s international donations through Dr. Bronner’s All-One International Initiative, a program launched in 2 countries 2019 and expanded to 10 more markets in 2020. Dr. Bronner’s 2021 All-One Report is available online in a new digital-only format, at: www.drbronner.com/media-center/all-one-reports/.




About Dr. Bronner’s

Founded in the U.S. in 1948, Dr. Bronner’s is the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and a leading brand worldwide. The company is an independent, family-owned business based in California, committed to honoring the vision of founder Emanuel Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible personal care and food products of the highest quality, and by dedicating profits to help make a better world. Dr. Bronner’s commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability, and progressive business practices is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the “All-One” philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels. The company caps executive salaries at 5 times its lowest paid fully-vested position and donates all profits not needed for business development to causes and charities it believes in. “Dr. Bronner’s generated nearly $190 million in revenue in 2020 and donated 40% of profits to activist and charitable efforts, totaling an estimated 8.6% of revenue.” A bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold, on average, every 1.51 seconds last year, and a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold every 2.83 seconds.