Dr. Bronner’s Announces Partners in All-One UK Initiative in 2023 in Support of Movements for Social Justice, Animal Protection, and Environmental Sustainability in UK

Top-Selling Natural Brand of Soap Promotes “Global Mission and Local Impact” through UK Philanthropy Program

November 8, 2023

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Dr. Bronner’s, the global organic and fair trade soap and body care brand, is proud to announce its partners in the All-One UK Initiative for 2023. All-One UK is a chapter of Dr. Bronner’s All-One International Initiative that ensures mission-aligned advocacy is supported by the markets where the company sells its products outside of the United States. Through this initiative, at a minimum, 1% of Dr. Bronner’s sales to participating markets each year is provided to support a wide range of local advocacy organizations working across the intersections of social justice, animal protection, and environmental sustainability. The All-One UK Initiative is now in its fifth year, in partnership with Dr. Bronner’s UK distributor, Healthy Sales Group. The organizations supported through All-One UK represent diverse modes of advocacy that champion a more just and progressive culture.

By the end of 2023, Dr. Bronner’s All-One UK will have directed donations to four organizations and projects.  The program supports grassroots groups working on limited budgets as well as larger nonprofits in need of funding for specific projects across three core areas: Animal Advocacy: Surge, Ecohustler; Environmental Sustainability: City to Sea; Social Justice/Community Betterment: Emmaus Brighton & Hove.

“We strive to take a holistic rather than a single issue approach to change. That’s why the organizations we are supporting through the All-One UK Initiative reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability, animal advocacy, and social justice.,” says Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s and grandson of company founder, Emanuel Bronner.  “We consider the organizations we are funding to be our partners on the frontlines working for a better world. They are making meaningful impact in their communities and are deeply engaged in bringing our company’s “All-One” values to life in the world.”

Funding work for Social Justice, Animal Advocacy, and Environmental Sustainability

The All-One International Initiative takes an “ecosystems approach” to the causes and activism it supports—believing that change is driven by movements, and effective movements are best comprised of a healthy, diverse, and equitable ecosystem of organizations, projects, people, and strategies. All-One! isn’t just a slogan for Dr. Bronner’s. It’s a value system the company is employing across the world.

“Dr. Bronner’s embraces an approach to brand activism that seeks to build and strengthen social movements,” says Cliff Moss, Managing Director of Dr. Bronner’s UK, and Healthy Sales Group. “We support these organizations in the interest of connecting on a humanitarian level with our broader communities. Together we hope to inspire others to learn about these changemakers and support their work too.”

One of the donations Dr. Bronner’s made this year under the banner of the All-One UK Initiative was to Emmaus Brighton & Hove, a charity that provides accommodations and social enterprise occupation opportunities to formerly unhoused individuals. Due to the rising rates of homelessness in the UK, Emmaus Brighton & Hove serves as a crucial site for impactful work to end the cycle of homelessness by providing time, space, and support to individuals looking for new tools that will produce long-term, sustainable changes for their future.

“The support of Dr. Bronner’s All-One UK Initiative over the last five years has been vital for our ability to directly support individuals and families experiencing homelessness,” says Karen Chapman, CEO of Emmaus Brighton & Hove. “We have been able to provide people with a home, as well as meaningful work in our various social enterprises. Dr. Bronner’s and their UK partner, Healthy Sales Group consistently supported our growth with personal care products for our companions in addition to funding our projects. They understand that Emmaus Brighton & Hove is more than a ‘homeless charity’ – we are a robust coalition of people who are part of the international Emmaus movement, driven by an ethos of solidarity that aims to end homelessness for good.”

Dr. Bronner’s is also pleased to be supporting Ecohustler, an independent online magazine and advocacy platform that provides engaging ecological information, links, and tools to empower individuals to become a part of the solution to environmental breakdown. Ecohustler isn’t just a publisher, it also organizes thought-provoking campaigns that highlight different industries that are threatening the health of our planet. They exist to serve the environmental movement and amplify messages and issues that are often underrepresented.

“We value Dr. Bronner’s and deeply appreciate their commitment to animal advocacy and environmental sustainability,” says Matt Mellen, Founder of Ecohustler. “Dr. Bronner’s support has been vital for Ecohustler to continue bringing awareness to the critical issues affecting our oceans and has allowed us to create more campaigns that educate the public about the ecological dangers inherent in the factory farming of salmon. Dr. Bronner’s support allows us to amplify our vision of a more equitable future with thriving ecological systems.”

Together, the organizations supported through All-One UK provide a blueprint for how to take action for social change and environmental justice.

To learn more about the All-One UK Initiative and the recipients of this program, please visit: https://www.drbronner.com/blogs/our-community/all-one-international.


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