Dr. Bronner-sponsored Krembo Wings Hosts Ceremony for Opening of New Branch in Mateh Asher

“Together we create a wonderful world of friendship, pleasure and activity for the community”

April 17, 2018

MATEH ASHER, ISRAEL – Last night, a new branch of the special youth group, Krembo Wings, opened in Mateh Asher. The opening of the new branch, which has both Jewish and Arab counselors and participants, was made possible thanks to a generous donation (ILS 180,000) from the international organic soap brand, Dr. Bronner, owned by a family who has manufactured soap since 1858, through their Israeli representative Ecogreen Greenways-Vega.

The ceremony was attended by Councilman Yoram Shmueli, Ecogreen Director Shai Friedman and Krembo Wings General Manager, Talia Bejerano.

Talia Bejerano, General Manager of Krembo Wings: “We appreciate the collaboration with a business that is involved in the community and thank Dr. Bronner and their representative in Israel, Ecogreen Greenways-Vega, on their generous donation of 180,000 shekels granted for the financing of the opening of a new branch in Mateh Asher. It’s all about Jewish and Arab children and teenagers, with and without special needs, who are neighbors, and together are building a better world of friendship and acceptance. We’re pleased to continue this wonderful connection for the benefit of ‘Krembo Wings’ children for many years to come, when our moral imperative demands that we continue to raise donations in order to be able to open additional branches, in as many places as possible all over the country and in all of the social sectors, until all ‘special’ children will have a branch of ‘Krembo Wings’ in their neighborhood.

Shai Friedman, Chairman of the Board of Ecogreen: “‘In all we do, let us be generous, fair and loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants.’ That is the motto that accompanies all the activities and way of being of Dr. Bronner’s, the best-selling soap in America in the natural soap category. Dr. Bronner’s is committed to conduct and production of products that reflect social and environmental responsibility and uncompromising care, and devotes all of the company’s profits that are not invested in its development to ‘tikun olam,’ to making the world a better place. Dr. Bronner’s, along with Ecogreen Greenways-Vega that market the products in Israel, are proud to be partners in the social revolution that the activists of ‘Krembo Wings’ are leading in the Israeli society, by contributing to the opening of the new branch in Mateh Asher in the Western Galilee, a ‘mixed’ branch which has both Jewish and Arab children and teenagers, with and without special needs.”

Signal Dekel
Public Relations Manager
Krembo Wings
A Youth Movement for Children
with and without Disabilities