Dr. Bronner’s Announces All-One Korea Initiative to Support Social Justice, Animal Rights and Environmental Sustainability in Korea

New Effort Donates over $90,000 USD as Part of All-One International Initiative to Promote “Global Mission & Local Impact” Around the World

December 9, 2020

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Dr. Bronner’s, the California-based organic and fair trade personal care brand with 162 years of soap making heritage, has officially launched their new All-One Korea Initiative. Under this initiative, Dr. Bronner’s and their exclusive Korean distribution partner, M.I. international, have donated $90,893 together to organizations dedicated to social justice, animal advocacy, and environmental sustainability.

This program is a local-to-Korea branch of a new global initiative called All-One International that seeks to support mission-aligned activism in the markets that Dr. Bronner’s sells its products in around the world. Through this initiative, at a minimum, 1% of Dr. Bronner’s sales to the Korean market each year will be donated to local advocacy efforts. In addition to Korea, in 2020 Dr. Bronner’s also launched the program in Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Taiwan, and UK. Other markets will join the program in 2021.

“As a companywide priority, the Dr. Bronner’s All-One International Initiative ensures we are supporting local activism and advocacy in markets where our products are sold around the world,” says Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s.

Through All-One Korea, at a minimum, 1% of Dr. Bronner’s sales to the Korean market will be donated to local advocacy efforts in support of social justice, animal advocacy, and environmental sustainability. In 2020, Dr. Bronner’s All-One Korea donated to three organizations aligned with the company’s core cause areas. Social Justice: G Foundation; Animal Advocacy: Korean Animal Welfare Association;  Environmental Sustainability: Korean Federation for Environmental Movement.

“We hope our customers in Korea will be as inspired by the extraordinary organizations we are supporting as we are and will be happy know their purchase of Dr. Bronner’s is helping to elevate advocacy for Social Justice, Animal Rights, and Environmental Sustainability in Korea and around the world,” says Jung-Sup Lee of M.I. International and Dr. Bronner’s Korea. “We want to foster connection on a deep humanitarian level and All-One Korea is a means for us to do just that. Together we hope that people will be just as motivated to support the selected organizations as we are, especially as we head into the giving season.”

Dr. Bronner’s donation to G Foundation will provide emergency meal kits for underprivileged children during the end of December. The funds will be used to make up 150 meal kits for children, who otherwise rely on meals provided at school and often go without meals while schools are closed due to Covid-19 and upcoming winter break.  The kit is comprised of easy to prepare meals for young children. Dr. Bronner’s Korea will also include Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soaps, Organic Lip Balms, and Peppermint Organic Hand Sanitizers in the kit.

In January 2021, the animal advocacy work will continue in rescuing 22 Asiatic black farmed bears with Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). A total of 443 bears are farmed to have their gallbladder extracted for human consumption as natural stamina supplement, and they live in very poor conditions, living on leftover human food scraps that are not aligned with the natural diet of the bears. KAWA will be rescuing 22 of them by moving them to a sanctuary in the U.S. Dr. Bronner’s donation will be used to feed these bears the right dietary food they need until they move and will also be used to pay the cost of local transportation for these bears.

Together with Korean Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM), Dr. Bronner’s donation will be used to create educational materials on plastic trash and the importance of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, to give more awareness to the public about ways to recycle plastics and how to reduce plastic use in everyday life.

To mark the official launch of All-One Korea, Dr. Bronner’s Korea is offering 300 limited edition All-One Korea Kits, which includes a sampler with 2 oz. bottles of Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap in the 12 scents available in Korea: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Citrus Orange, Sandalwood Jasmine, Green Tea, Almond, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Rose, and Baby Unscented. All sales will be donated to a campaign that works to reduce microplastics in the ocean. To encourage more customers to participate in supporting this cause, Dr. Bronner’s Korea is selling these kits at a 60% discount for $20 USD.


About Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to honoring the vision of founder Emanuel Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating profits to help make a better world. Dr. Bronner’s commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability and progressive business practices is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the principles that inform the philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels written by founder Emanuel Bronner. The company makes the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and a major brand worldwide. Based on 2018 sales, a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold, on average, every 2.2 seconds throughout the year. For further information, please visit:  https://www.drbronnerskorea.com/.