Weed Like Change! Just Say No to Industrial Cannabis

Dr. Bronner’s has advocated for cannabis policy reform since the early 2000s—first focusing on industrial hemp, then pivoting to medical and recreational decriminalization and legalization efforts. We’ve long held that cannabis is a plant that can help heal our people and planet. Unfortunately, big business has moved into states where cannabis had been legalized, seeking to reap big profits and leaving legacy cannabis growers high and dry. The massive oversupply of industrial cannabis and its dependence on fossil fuels and chemicals is a disaster to craft cannabis farmers, their farming communities, and the land they tend. State regulations and regressive tax structures often favor industrial-scale grows at small-scale farmers’ expense. Add the increasing threats posed by climate-change related drought and massive wild fires, and you’ve got a perfect storm for craft cannabis extinction.

Enter Weed Like Change—a campaign organized by Sun+Earth Certified  farms and brands alongside partner dispensaries and allied businesses and nonprofits. The campaign highlights and promotes farms and brands who are growing cannabis as Mother Nature intended—under the sun, in Earth’s soil, without chemicals, by people who care. Sun+Earth Certified exists to codify these values into a recognizable standard upheld by three pillars:

  1. Earth Care & Cultivation
    Going beyond organic, Sun+Earth Certified farms and brands embrace the concept of regeneration. Earth is one, closed-loop living system—anytime we take something from the earth, we must give back. In agriculture, this means building soil through applying mulch and compost, growing a diversity of crops, avoiding tillage, and keeping the soil covered through all seasons.
  2. Human Empowerment
    Sun+Earth Certified seeks to change the historic exploitation and marginalization that farmers and farm workers have long faced. Certified farms and products are verified to ensure farmers and farm workers are fairly paid, have safe working conditions, and reasonable work hours. Regenerative farming not only renews ecosystems, but also social systems.
  3. Community Engagement
    Healthy communities are rich resources of knowledge, skills, and equipment. Sun+Earth Certified farms are required to engage in their local community with focus and intention. Healthy, well-networked community is equally essential as healthy, living soil for building long-term resilience in the face of climate and economic threats.

Pledge Your Support!

Sun+Earth farmers need our support if they’re to weather and rise above the storm against them. When you buy Sun+Earth Certified products, you support local farmers & gift yourself the highest quality cannabis grown with care & intention.

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Weed Like Change!

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Photos courtesy of Sun + Earth Certified

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David Bronner and Les Szabo

David Bronner is Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, and a board member of MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

Les Szabo is Director of Constructive Capital at Dr. Bronner’s.

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