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This Season, We’re Donating to Cannabis Organizations of Your Choice

At Dr. Bronner’s, we’re working to connect you, our customers, with the nonprofits we support. We now have a widget on our webstore that engages customers in our giving. This platform allows customers to select a featured nonprofit to receive 10% of their total purchase amount, at no additional cost—You Shop, We Give—on!

From now through March, we’re featuring organizations advancing policy and social equity in the cannabis space. Dr. Bronner’s has long supported ending the outdated, racist policy of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis, when used responsibly by adults, can provide safe relief from chronic illness and disease. Many adults benefit from medical cannabis as an alternative to much more addictive and harmful opiates and other pharmaceuticals. Many adults also responsibly and safely enjoy cannabis to unwind, uplift, connect, and spark creativity, and as an alternative to much more problematic alcohol.

We are dedicated to continuing the fight to legalize cannabis state-by-state and at the national level—and it is crucial that those who have been harmed the most by cannabis prohibition are uplifted in an equitable cannabis marketplace. To that end, we are proud to introduce you to just a few of the key players doing this work:


Founded in 2015 by Black and Brown women—and recently named 2021 Best Equity Organization and Best Social Equity Program by Camp Meadowlands—Supernova Women works to empower Black and Brown people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis and natural plant medicine space. Engaging in advocacy and delivering opportunities for education, training, network building, and access to capital among their community, Supernova Women is highly inclusive. And they’ve been at the forefront of California’s regulated cannabis industry for the past 5 years.

Historic over policing and systemic racism has terrorized and disenfranchised communities of color for over 400 years. Today it continues to exclude these communities from the cannabis industry. It is essential we restore equity by lowering the barriers of entry and build sustainability in cannabis for people of color. Supernova’s programs, like the first ever Social Equity Workforce Development Program, are inspiring and major milestones that open doors to a more equitable and inclusive cannabis economy for us all.

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Advocating for criminal justice and drug policy reforms, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) is a nonprofit of police, judges, corrections officials, and other law enforcement officials who are calling for more practical and ethical policies that prioritize community health and safety. The organization was founded in 2002 by five police officers, and today is made up of more than 300 criminal justice professionals, who work within five core issue areas: police-community relations, incarceration, harm reduction, drug policy, and global issues. LEAP’s spokespeople advocate for change to the justice system at the local, state, and national levels, steering criminal justice commentary in the media and in public discourse, and contributing insightful commentary to media outlets from all sides of the political spectrum.

LEAP envisions a world that’s free of the Drug War. They look beyond the criminal justice system to identify solutions that will better address society’s ills and protect human rights. They promote alternatives to arrest and incarceration that address the root causes of crime, reduce violence and addiction, and build respect for and trust in law enforcement by working to heal police-community relations.

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Cannabis prohibition has failed—it’s time for a new approach—enter the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Founded in 1995, MPP has directly led and contributed to the passage of medical and recreational marijuana laws in several states, including: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, with campaigns in Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island underway as well.

MPP’s work focuses on advocating for legislation and ballot initiatives supporting medical use and sensible regulation; lobbying congress for policy reforms at the state and federal levels; working for fair cannabis policies that promote inclusion, equity, and justice; and building broad-based coalitions, sponsoring grassroots public information and education campaigns, and leveraging media to garner support for these much needed reforms.

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