Advocate for Animal & Social Justice with Your Purchase

Your purchase can make a difference. When you participate in our ShoppingGives program, we will donate 10% of sales on to one of the following three organizations advocating for the intersection of animal rights with human and environmental justice.

Encompass, La Raza for Liberation, and Vegan Outreach work to reduce animal suffering through public outreach within marginalized communities. We hope you enjoy learning about their powerful and unique missions. To participate in our campaign, just select the organization of your choosing from the “You Shop, We Give” option while shopping on


Encompass embodies the “All-One!” approach with its core value that the animal protection movement is only as strong as its advocates. Their mission is to increase animal advocacy by fostering greater racial equity, while empowering Black, Indigenous, and other advocates of the global majority. Encompass provides consulting services to organizations on racial equity planning and to individual animal advocates on professional growth and community building.

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La Raza For Liberation

La Raza For Liberation was founded in 2018 to educate communities of color on the important intersections of human, animal, and environmental justice, and to build long-lasting relationships of solidarity across local and state lines. La Raza For Liberation has two grassroots programs—the Decolonize UnConference and Veggie Mijas. The Decolonize UnConference is an intensive two day experience that brought together human, animal, and environmental justice leaders in communities of color for discussions about healing our relationships with each other, animals, and the natural world. Veggie Mijas is a collectively supported and locally-run network that provides smaller monthly events for people of color who are vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, transitioning, or curious. Veggie Mijas has active chapters in New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, Austin, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Cleveland, and Boston.

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Vegan Outreach

Vegan Outreach is an international nonprofit organization aiming to reduce animal suffering by promoting a vegan lifestyle through education and public outreach programs. They focus on giving people the tools they need to make positive changes through their Vegan Mentor Program and 10 Weeks to Vegan guided challenge, which is available in countries all around the globe. The past year, Vegan Outreach has given out over 500,000 vegan meals and groceries to support communities impacted by the pandemic.

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