Sun+Earth Certified: For the Land, For the People

The Righteous Way to Grow Cannabis

Most everything we consume, including all our food, clothes and plant medicines like cannabis, are agricultural products. How we farm and produce these products determines what one-third of the earth’s surface and much of its population looks like.

Pesticide- and herbicide-dependent chemical-industrial agriculture has created massive plantations and growing operations that destroy topsoil, pollute our water sources, displace rural communities, and destroy the livelihoods of small family farmers. Industrial ag has been a social and environmental nightmare that we can absolutely wake up from by making smarter and more intentional choices in how we farm, produce, and consume products. 

Briceland Forest Farm
Briceland Forest Farms in Humboldt County, California. Photo courtesy of Sun + Earth Certified

Regenerative Organic Certification is the new high-bar growing standard that covers soil health, animal welfare, and worker fairness in a single certification. ROC agriculture is a path that not only reverses the social and environmental harms that industrial ag causes, but can help address our climate crisis by using the soil to draw down and sequester atmospheric CO2. ROC certification gives conscious consumers the choice to support vibrant rural farming communities that tend their land regeneratively and holistically, raise livestock on pasture, and pay fair wages to their workers.

Cannabis farmers and consumers are facing the same nightmare of corporate industrial ag moving in, with its intensive fossil fuel, chemical fertilizer, and pesticide-intensive indoor growing operations that disrespect the land and displace small family farmers.  But due to ongoing federal prohibition, cannabis cannot yet be termed “organic” and so can’t participate in the ROC program. That’s why the International Cannabis Farmers Association, Cannabis Conservancy, and Certified Kind have come together to create Sun+Earth Certification, a program inspired by and aligned with the ROC standard, but tailored to the way cannabis is grown and produced.

Photo courtesy of Sun + Earth Certified
Moon Made Farms in Humboldt County, California

Sun+Earth Certified cannabis is grown in the soil, under the sun, without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers and workers. Sun+Earth Certified farms practice regenerative principles that emphasize soil, farmer, and community health, resulting in a holistically grown product with a much higher vibrational quality than the chemical-pesticide-herbicide cannabis grown by the industrial operations creating so much environmental and community harm. 

By choosing Sun+Earth Certified, you are not only getting the highest quality cannabis grown on earth, but you are supporting the farmers and communities who produce it, and making a significant contribution to soil, land, and ecosystem health. 

Sun+Earth Certified presents cannabis consumers with a righteous path forward that honors and respects their own health and well-being, supports the well-being of the farmer and planet, and models how we may one day grow all the agricultural products in our lives. 

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