The Backpacker’s Guide

Dr. Bronner’s eco travelling essentials for that next adventure

June 26th, 2019

According to Hostelworld, the number of solo bookings made by Britons increased by 60% over the past three years. Many young Brits are now choosing to travel and explore the world, often on a budget, meeting fellow backpackers on the way and building long-lasting relationships.

With their belongings squeezed tightly into their backpacks, the standards of living during their travels are usually lowered. However, with Dr. Bronner’s there is no reason to jeopardise hygiene particularly when on-the-go.

For eco-conscious travellers, these are the environmentally friendly and ethical products needed to explore.

Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer (£4.99)

Compact and lightweight, Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer is a fool-proof way to kill germs or sanitize essentials. A quick spritz of the bottle will leave palms feeling super soft, unlike chemical-laden alternatives. Containing only a few ingredients, both fair trade and organic, the high-quality spray serves as a great substitute for any limited water and soap scenario.

For those looking to save on space (e.g. every backpacker!), the hand sanitizer effectively works as a body spray, pillow mist, air freshener and deodorant. The heavenly, floral mist will disguise any unwanted odours or allow users to slip away into a restorative night’s sleep with the calming, lavender scent. If unlucky on the trail, the hand sanitizer also is great at relieving mosquito bites!

Peppermint 18-in-1 Pure Castille Liquid Soap (£2.15 for 59ml)

Travelling for many months may leave clothes rather pungent but with Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap clothes can be freshened whilst out on the trail. From washing the body, face and hair, to brushing teeth and cleaning fabrics, this multi-purpose soap will help in the stickiest of situations -quite literally!

As a highly biodegradable liquid, this is the safest and simplest soap available for the wilderness and will leave users feeling fresh and delicately scented. Available in a range of scents including cooling peppermint, refreshing citrus to baby unscented, there is something for everyone. Sold in a travel size 59ml bottle, the convenient size means there’s no excuse to not squeeze a bottle or two in a backpack.

Peppermint Toothpaste (£7.19)

Choice of toothpaste may be limited in the wilderness or under privileged countries, but users can still have a minty fresh breath wherever you are. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste is free of synthetic detergent foaming agents, fluoride, artificial colours, preservatives and flavours! Made with 70% organic ingredients, this simple yet effective toothpaste will leave the mouth feeling fresh and tingly clean.