Leading Natural Brand of Soap Dr. Bronner’s Ramps Up Initiatives in Support of a Fair Minimum Wage

Efforts include Branding Products with Special “Fair Pay Today” Labels and Donations Totaling $500,000 to Advocacy and Political Campaigns

May 17, 2016

VISTA, CA – Dr. Bronner’s, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, is ramping up its efforts to support the movement to raise the minimum wage. Dr. Bronner’s initiatives in support of a fair minimum wage include contributing $500,000 in 2016 to numerous state level political campaigns in support of raising the minimum wage across the country, and to advocacy organizations such as The Fairness Project and Business for a Fair Minimum Wage. The company has also created special packaging for their best selling 32oz. liquid soap products that demands “Fair Pay Today” and replaces the text on their iconic product labels with messaging in support of the fight to raise the wage. Starting September 1st, the specially labeled products will be distributed in thousands of stores throughout all 50 states to raise public awareness that raising the wage is good for business and good for our communities. Currently, Washington, Maine, Colorado, Arizona and the District of Columbia are running ballot initiatives to establish a higher minimum wage with gradual implementation of wages, following in the footsteps of Oregon, California and New York which have recently raised their minimum wage through the passing of state legislation.

“When a person working 40 hours per week can’t cover the basic costs of living, there’s something deeply wrong with our economic system,” explains David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s.

Dr. Bronner’s initiatives to raise the wage, include the following:

  • Partnerships with leading organizations: The Fairness Project and Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.
  • Contribution of $500,000 to support advocacy and political campaigns across the country, as well as direct staff support for the DC for $15 campaign.
  • Advocacy and education alongside partner organizations to inform other brands and business leaders in the natural product industry and other progressive spheres of business on the importance of both providing a fair wage to employees, and supporting the broader movement to establish a fair minimum wage for everyone. Dr. Bronner’s has sponsored panel discussions, webinars, and other educational events to rally support.
  • Creation of special Fair Pay Today packaging on Dr. Bronner’s 32oz. liquid soaps, to promote the “Fair Pay Today” message and provide facts and information on the importance of this issue. Over 1.4 million bottles of soap with this message will be for sale in thousands of stores throughout all 50 states from September – December 2016.

“Investing in our workforce by ensuring every employee is paid a fair living wage has had a major positive impact on our company,” said Mike Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s. “Morale is high, turnover is low, and every employee gives a hundred and ten percent. We cap the pay of the highest paid persons to no more than 5 times the lowest paid employee, and make sure we’re providing our employees’ full health care, as well as child-care assistance and other benefits. Everyone who is working full time should receive a living wage, and be able to independently afford a basic standard for quality of life without relying on sub-par government support or second or third jobs.”

Low-wage workers in the United States disproportionately consist of women and people of color. Raising the minimum wage is one means to mitigate the structural discrimination these demographics face, as we work toward lasting equality at all levels of society.

“Dr. Bronner’s is committed to fairness throughout our supply chain, and that also applies to our employees here at home,” David Bronner continued. “Paying workers less-than a living wage creates a corporate welfare system in which public funds supplement unlivable low wages. It’s time to fight for a fair minimum wage, and in doing so raise the standard for businesses’ responsibility for their employees.”

Dr. Bronner’s partnership with The Fairness Project provides support to their organization so they can offer campaigns across the country the resources needed to win minimum wage ballot campaigns. The Fairness Project logo has been added to Dr. Bronner’s packaging to encourage our customers to support The Fairness Project’s model, which empowers people to take real action, bypassing ineffective legislatures and using ballot initiatives to pass policies that encourage real economic fairness. The Fairness Project is uniquely positioned to work with partners on the ground to improve the lives of millions of people by raising the wage coast to coast.

Dr. Bronner’s partnership with Business for a Fair Minimum Wage provides support of their activities to raise the minimum wage in the states and nationally. Business for a Fair Minimum Wage is a large, diverse and effective national network of business owners, executives and business organizations that believe a fair minimum wage makes good business sense. Dr. Bronner’s is a member of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage and their logo has been added to Dr. Bronner’s packaging to encourage customers to learn more about and support Business for a Fair Minimum Wage’s mission to educate and engage businesses in raising the minimum wage.

According to polls, the majority of small businesses and hiring managers support raising the minimum wage. Two federal minimum wage bills have been introduced in Congress, one that would raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020 and the other to $15 an hour by 2020. Raising the minimum wage has been shown to boost businesses and the economy by putting more money in the hands of consumers who most need to spend it. Among other business benefits are lower employee turnover, reduced hiring and training costs, increased productivity and better customer service. Yet despite these benefits, widespread support, and numerous wage victories at the state and local level, the federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 – just $15,080 annually for full-time workers – since 2009.

Dr. Bronner’s commitment to progressive business practices, including their support for a living wage as well as promoting sustainable agriculture, corporate accountability, and consumers’ right to know is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the social and ecological principles that inform Dr. Bronner’s philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels.


For further information on Dr. Bronner’s, please visit: https://info.drbronner.com.