Dr. Bronner’s Supports Balkan River Defence During Water Protection Weeks

Proceeds from Dr. Bronner’s European webshop September 7 through October 8 will support Balkan River Defence

September 18, 2018

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Dr. Bronner’s, the global top-selling natural soap and body care brand with its European headquarters in Dusseldorf, continues to raise awareness and resources for various water issues during “Water Protection Weeks.” Proceeds from all products purchased through the European webshop of Dr. Bronner’s from September 7 through October 8 will be for the benefit of the Balkan River Defence Tour #3 (balkanriverdefence.org), which is occurring simultaneously during this time period.

“We support the work of Balkan River Defence, an initiative spearheaded by Patagonia Europe and other environmentally conscious groups, together with our friend Rok Rozman,” says Axel Rungweber, Managing Director of Dr. Bronner’s Europe. “Together we are focusing on this important aspect of water protection: Save the Balkan Rivers!”

The Balkan Peninsula is the last part in Europe where the rivers still flow wild, known as “The Blue Heart of Europe,” is home to a huge variety of animals and plants, which has been developed over thousands of years along the rivers. Now the area between Slovenia and Greece is facing unprecendented destruction and development as it is in danger with 2,800 water dams proposed over the next few years by representatives of waterworks, international investors, and local politicians. The additionally produced energy by those dams is not even necessary because most of the Balkan countries are net exporters of energy.

The Slovenian extreme kayak sportsman, activist and biologist Rok Rozman and his team are convinced action is needed even if it is in unconventional ways. During the Balkan River Defence Tour #3, Rok is riding his third Balkan Rivers Tour. His goal is to save the Balkan rivers and conserve this unique European natural heritage.

The initiative Balkan River Defence with its yearly Balkan River Tour proves that joy and coolness can change the furthermore very dry legal fight about nature. The group organizing with Rozman has already stopped the building of seven dams with the first Balkan River Tour in 2016. As of September 7, they are now on their third tour between Albania and Slovenia. Together with the campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe,” Balkan River Defence focuses on the four extraordinary valuable key regions: the Vjosa in Albania, the Mavrovo National park in Macedonia, the river Save on the whole length in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovnia and Serbia, as well as rivers in Bosnia-Herzegovnia. All four key regions are in danger to be destroyed by big dams.

In addition to the proceeds from Dr. Bronner’s European webshop during this campaign, the company supports Rok and his team with a donation of materials and food.

Dr. Bronner’s Additional Activities and Awareness of Water Protection:

Last summer, Dr. Bronner’s President Mike Bronner christened the new ship »MV Emanuel Bronner« of the initiative Sea Shepherd Deutschland e.V. Through the donation of Dr. Bronner’s, Mike Bronner is the official “Captain of Honor,” which is protecting the ocean and species diversity. www.sea-shepherd.de

Dr. Bronner’s supports Pascal Rösler in bringing awareness to the growing pollution of rivers. Rösler traveled 2,467 kilometers on a Stand-Up-Paddle-Board (SUP), 63 days from Munich on the Isar and Donau to the Black Sea. Learn more about this initiative: Pure Water for Generations e.V. www.pwfg.blue

September 14-16, the youth of the Hamburg Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union meets up for the big »Coastal Cleanup Camp« to clean the beach of the Elbe river. Together with the campaign www.fckplastic.org of the clubkinder e.V. Dr. Bronner’s supports the Naju e.V. on this event. www.naju-hamburg.de

The Berlin-based project, Ocean College, relocates students onto a traditional sailing ship, traveling 11,000 sea miles to foreign countries to offer an extraordinary year learning core subjects. www.oceancollege.eu

Regarding the serious issue of sea rescues of refugees in the Mediterranean, Dr. Bronner’s will be hosting a round table discussion in Berlin with Doctors Without Borders through donations for Sea Watch e.V. www.sea-watch.org – More details to follow.


Balkan River Defence – Rok Rozman, 28, is a former Olympic oarsman, biologist, fly fisher, adventurer and professional kayaker from Slovenia. He always dreamt about spending time in the wilderness and being engaged in nature protection. Rozman founded the “Leeway Collective,” a collective to support and protect water eco systems with the goal, to reconnect people with nature. He leads the project “Balkan Rivers Tour” with the aim to stand up against the proposed building of the 2.800 dams in the Balkan. He is convinced that only together we can fight for the rescue of the last wild flowing rivers in Europe.

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