The French non-profit Assiettes Végétales’ mission is to increase the amount of plant-based food options in the catering industry, a powerful lever to act for the planet and its inhabitants.

Assiettes Végétales is committed to ensuring that all people have access to healthy and responsible food. Their goal is to have the catering industry offer a delicious and balanced plant-based option. Dr. Bronner’s France and Assiettes Végétales both recognize the need for plant-based nutrition. The majority of animal products are sourced from unsustainable models, and are harmful to the health of the environment, humans, and animals.

Assiettes Végétales meets with stakeholders in the restaurant industry to support them in the implementation of a healthy and responsible plant-based option. They organized The Green Week with the Paul Appell University Restaurant in Strasbourg: A weeklong event during which collective restaurants offer and test different plant-based meal options, taking the first steps toward more ecological behavior.

Dr. Bronner’s France supports Assiettes Véegéetales to expand their plant-based training program for cooks working in collective catering.

Dr. Bronner’s France funding year:

  • 2022

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