The Simple Secret To Making “The Toast With The Most”

Imagine: Your favorite bread, toasted to golden perfection, lightly fragrant and still warm as it lands on your plate with a light tap. With one swipe from the jar, your go-to condiment curls up creamily as it gathers on your knife. As you glide this white, velvety spread onto the bread in a generous coat, it begins to coyly melt down into the heated pores on the toast’s surface, beckoning you for a bite.

Yes, I love toast. Everyone loves toast. But there’s only one thing that’s better than toast: Toast with coconut oil.

There’s a couple reasons coconut oil is such an ideal companion for toast. First, its rich and creamy notes are the perfect match for toast’s dry and crunchy texture. And second, although coconut oil is delicately buttery, its flavor never overwhelms, making it exceptionally versatile for either sweet or savory styles of toast. It’s my go-to first layer anytime I hear the pop of the toaster, because it makes every other accoutrement sing! Read on for some of the many rewarding combinations to try on your next toast-with-coconut-oil base.

Salted Toast

The amazing thing about coconut oil on toast is that, technically speaking, you don’t really need to do much at all to create a snack that’s utterly crave-worthy. Just add a pinch of sea salt over the top, and enjoy the sheer magic of simplicity. (Bonus points if you use flaked salt, which will melt in your mouth with each chew.)

Jammy Toast

An excellent example of coconut oil’s ability to take on sweet flavors is combining it with jam. In fact, you’ll likely find coconut oil offers a nice buttery balance to sweet fruity jams and jellies of pretty much all varieties! If you’re avoiding sugar, you can even just top your coconut oil toast with sliced seasonal fruit like strawberries or apples, adding a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra flavor if you’d like.

Avocado Toast

Hashtag avocado toast. Hashtag avocado love. Hashtag you enjoyed avocado on your toast long before it ever became a hashtag (hashtag thank you very much). Though it may be hard to imagine that uber-popular avocado toast could be improved upon, I’ll let you in on a secret: a bit of coconut oil turns this delicious snack into something that’s truly other-worldly. It’s as if the two healthy fats join forces to create a super-toast! Any and all optional avocado toast additions are welcome here, from chili flakes to pumpkin seeds to pickled vegetables.

Mini avocado toasts
Photo: Oliver Barth / Dr. Bronner’s

Honey Toast

For a simple treat, lightly drizzle a warm piece of coconut oiled toast with honey, yacon syrup, or your favorite liquid sweetener. Bite, chew, bliss out, repeat.

Spiced Toast

Proof yet again of coconut oiled toast’s ability to venture outside of the sweet realm, sprinkling your favorite savory spice mix on top is a great way to create unexpected flavors. Mixes like za’atar, spicy chili blends, and even seaweed-based sprinkles are just a few of the exciting directions you can go.

Cinnamon Sugar Toast

Great for kids (and welcomed by most adults), mix a little cinnamon and a pinch of salt in with a spoonful of low-gylcemic coconut sugar. Dust on top of the melted coconut oil and enjoy this healthier version of a classic breakfast toast.

Sprinkling cinnamon and sugar mixture on toast with melted coconut oil
Photo: Oliver Barth / Dr. Bronner’s

Garlic Toast

If you spread coconut oil on toast and top it with garlic salt, you’ve got a kind of instant, truly outstanding garlic bread. Enough said.

Veggie Toast

Toast that’s been buttered up with coconut oil can become as creative as your imagination takes you, and becomes the perfect landscape for a tapas-style topping. For an amazing appetizer, garnish your toast with seared mushrooms and walnuts; line with tomato slices and chives; or pile with cooked greens sauteed in garlic. The opportunities are endless!

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