Cleaning Patio Furniture with Dr. Bronner’s (Video)

Inevitably it is as I’m escorting my guests out back that I discover the birds have yet again mistaken my patio furniture for their personal outhouse.  And then that one person wearing white sits on the barstool previously occupied by a three year old with a popsicle …

Fortunately, Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds is the stuff for the job.  It can clean all this up and more (even the white clothes, but that’s another post).  As good as it is cleaning inside the house, it is possibly even better outside.  Just make up a bucket with a small squirt and you’re good to go.

As I explain in the video, outside is one place you do not want to use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile soap. True soaps like Dr. Bronner’s react with minerals everpresent in the environment and can leave a stubborn white-ish film.  Rather counterproductive.  So this is a place where you’d want to have a bottle of the Suds on hand instead.

And best of all, it is perfectly safe.  There are certainly many other products that can get rid of gunk, but the problem is they don’t stop there.  They are also exceedingly harmful to our health and toxic to the environment.  And guess what!  Outside is the environment!  Sometimes I feel like I need to state the obvious.

I want my outdoor furniture to sparkle just as much as the next host, but I’m not willing to kill myself to get there.  I do have my priorities.

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Lisa Bronner is a prolific writer, consumer advocate, and speaker on health and green lifestyle issues. She is author of the blog, “Going Green with a Bronner Mom,” and granddaughter of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s.

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