Dr. Bronner’s is thrilled to be partnering with Coexistence Films to release Coextinction, a full-feature documentary about impending extinction coming to a tipping point for one of the world’s most iconic species, the Southern Resident Orcas, revealing a collapsing ecosystem and the true nature of our interconnectedness. In an action-packed and moving journey, two young female filmmakers join Indigenous leaders and scientists to uncover corruption and stop injustice before it’s too late.”

Read our partnership announcement press release here: https://info.drbronner.com/media-center/press-release/dr-bronners-announces-partnership-in-support-of-new-film-coextinction-about-the-plight-of-endangered-orcas/

Dr. Bronner’s UK funding years:

  • 2022

Learn more here at www.CoextinctionFilm.com/>>