National Stress Awareness Day 2013 De-Stress the Natural Way with a Little Magic from Dr. Bronner’s….

September 1, 2013

November 6th 2013 welcomes Stress Awareness Day – the perfect time to take a break from the stress of every day pressure and strainsEven though a small amount of stress can be good for us, as it provides energy to the body and keeps our mind awake, a huge number of people in the UK are experiencing alarming high stress levels. This November 6th, take time to check how stressed you are and relax, renew and rejuvenate yourself with a little magic from Dr. Bronner’s…

Lavender is much more than a pretty flower; it has long been used to calm the skin and senses offering a spectrum of healing powers. The remedy is full of antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness. Even just the scent has potent aromatherapy benefits! At this time of year when flowers are blooming and nature is at its best we are often in need of a little ‘Lavender Love’.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Lavender Liquid soap has 18 in 1 uses at just £5.49 per 236ml bottle – you can use it to clean your body, your mouth & teeth, your fruit & vegetables, your bathroom and kitchen, your clothes and even your pets! The recipe is based on a simple, ecological, vegetable based formulation, named after the Castile region of Spain where olive oil soaps were invented long ago. Also available in PeppermintGreen Tea, EucalyptusCitrusAlmondRoseUnscented Baby Mild and Tea Tree.

Dr. Bronner’s NEW organic fair trade hand sanitizing spray contains organic glycerin to moisturise the skin, leaving your mitts soft, supple and smooth! Perfect for year round protection, just one handy 59ml bottle can provide up to 500 sprays, killing 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds! The sumptuous lavender scent calms the skin and senses’ in just one spritz, offering a spectrum of healing and antioxidant powers.

Containing 62% Organic Ethanol, Water and Organic Lavender OilThe Dr. Bronner’s organic fair trade hand sanitizing spray is certified under the same National Organic Program that verifies food and is free from gmo-alcohol and petro-carbomer thickener. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray RRP £2.99 59ml

The Dr. Bronner’s Organic & Fair Trade Shikakai Hand & Body Soaps is a blend of organic white grape juice, sucrose and Shikakai powder, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, citric Acid and vitamin E. As with the original magic soaps The Shikakai soaps still create the famous Dr. Bronner’s rich lather leaving the skin on your hands, body and face cleansed, soothed and moisturised. Also comes in Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass Lime and Baby Unscented RRP 356ml £6.99

Along with the finest organic essential oils for fragrance and organic jojoba oil and coconut oil to keep skin smooth and supple, the Dr. Bronner’s All-One Lavender Coconut Organic Lotion, RRP £5.49 for per 236ml, moisturises the skin leaving it sumptuous and soft.

Formulated with pure, high potency organic oils, which are free from petrochemically modified ingredients and preservatives, the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender soothes the body and mind, reducing tension and easing restlessness.  Perfect for a restful night’s sleep to get you ready for your day to day routine.


RRP for 18-in-1 Hemp Pure Castile Soap 8 fl oz £5.49, Body Lotion £6.99

solid bar £3.99, shaving soap gel £6.99, Shikaki pump soap £6.99

Dr. Bronner’s is available UK nationwide including Liberty, select Waitrose stores and leading health shops including Whole Foods

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