Natalie Portman reveals Dr. Bronner’s to be one of her beauty must-haves

January 1, 2015

As the number 1 selling soap brand in the US, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps have always had a cult celebrity following.

We can now reveal that the stunning A-lister, Natalie Portman, is the latest celebrity to reveal Dr. Bronner’s to be one of her six must have beauty products, as seen first on the US website

Famous for its 18 uses, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps can be used on multiple platforms, from cleaning the dishes to washing your makeup brushes and using, as Natalie Portman does, as an all over body soap.

The ethos and philosophy of Dr. Bronner’s fits in perfectly with Natalie Portman’s lifestyle, a vegan herself. Formulated as 100% true pure-castile, organic soaps, their organic status refers to both sustainable farming practices and to the product itself, having been ecologically produced on certified organic farms.

Lavender is the number 1 selling scent in the US, putting Natalie Portman in good company with her scent of choice. Further select from peppermintlavendergreen-teaalmondeucalyptus and rose, each designed to invigorate, calm and uplift.

RRP £1.99 59ml | £3.99 118ml | £5.99 237ml | £8.99 473ml

Dr. Bronner’s is available nationwide