Keep Glowing! …Dr. Bronner’s Organic Orange-Lavender Body Lotion

August 1, 2013

Back from holiday and desperate to recover your skin glow? Post-holiday skin needs daily maintenance to keep it on top condition and to recover it from the damages of being exposed to the hot weather and external aggressors as the pool or the beach. So, if your skin feels as a crocodile, Dr. Bronner’s Organic Orange-Lavender Body Lotion RRP £8.29 will be your best buy as it will help you to combat the post-holiday skin blues and restore long-lasting softness in just a few weeks.

Based on pure organic oils and free of petrochemically modified ingredients and preservatives, this body lotion will deeply hydrate your skin without leaving that greasy feeling like other brands do. The organic jojoba oil that it contains will moisturize the dry skin exceptionally well due to its unique similarity to the skin’s natural oil, while the organic coconut oil will help your skin to absorb all the ingredient and to seal the moisture in your skin.

But if you are looking for an extra bit of hydration and extra doses of glow, we recommend you the Dr. Bronner’s Orange Lavender Organic Body Balm RRP £3.99, asthe organic beeswax and the hemp oils will soothe dry skin everywhere, from cracked lips to summer damaged feet.


Dr. Bronner’s is available nationwide including Liberty, select Waitrose stores and leading health shops including Planet Organic and Whole Foods.

To find your nearest stockist call t: 0845 072 5825 or visit

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