Jump Feet First into Party Season …with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Peppermint

The Christmas party season is finally upon us and festive sparkle is in the air!

September 1, 2013

As the party season approaches don’t forget your feet deserve just as much attention as your face.  Whether you’re squeezing your feet in to the highest of heels, or on-trend (but uncomfortable) Rihanna style strappy sandals, your feet will need some pre and post party TLC.

We’ve all been there, a night of dancing till dawn leaves our tootsies tired, sore and in need of some serious attention.  But rather than letting your feet suffer in silence this year, why not give them a special treat and help soothe away any aches and pains with the Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint range!

Relieve burning and soak your feet in a tingly Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint foot bath; add a small amount of peppermint pure castile liquid soap to a bowl of warm water, and let the key active ingredients of organic olive oil, coconut oil and mentha arvensis work their magic – leaving your feet cool and feeling refreshed.

Once soft and smooth, dry off with a hand towel before applying a generous amount of Dr. Bronner’s magic organic peppermint lotion, which contains the perfect blend of organic jojoba oil to moisturise the skin, whilst coconut oil aids absorption. Organic hemp and avocado oils ensure feet are left smooth and supple for ultimate comfort. Only the finest organic essential oils are used for fragrance allowing your feet to not only feel great, but smell great too!

Dr. Bronner’s foot rub tip, to help relieve tired post-party feet and to prep for a night out in a pair of killer heels:

  1. With your thumb, gently massage your feet for a few minutes, pushing it up the bridge of your foot from toes to ankle and across from side to side…
  1. Push along the inner edge of your soles and around the backs of your heels…
  2. Finally, to finish off, trace your thumb round your anklebone a few times 

Ahhhh… complete bliss!’

Dr. Bronner’s is the No. 1 selling organic soap brand in the USA. They don’t use any synthetic components in their products, and all major ingredients come from certified Fair Trade sources throughout the world.

Peppermint Organic Lotion                                    237 ml RRP £7.99

Peppermint Pure-Castille Liquid Soap    236ml RRP £5.49


Dr. Bronner’s is available nationwide and at www.drbronner.co.uk

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Notes to editors:

Dr. Emanuel Bronner was a third generational soap maker who spent his life renouncing hate and war on a personal mission to unite mankind. His strong views and lectures landed him in a mental asylum in Chicago, but eight months later in 1948, Bronner escaped and continued with his message in California. During this time, he also began making peppermint liquid soap under the ‘Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ brand. He gave away soap during his talks but soon realized people were taking it without listening to him speak. As a result, he started writing his philosophy on the bottle in tiny script, which is still used on Bronner’s packaging today.

Currently, the top-selling natural brand of soap in  North America, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has a celebrity fan base including, Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Sandra Bullock and Bobbi Brown.