Dr. Bronner’s Reaches $25,000 Goal on Indiegogo.com to Fight Malaria in Eastern Ghana

Leading Natural Brand of Soap to Continue Campaign until December 21 Offering Limited Edition Soap in Exchange for Donations to Fight Malaria and Meet Other Healthcare Needs

December 03, 2012

ESCONDIDO, CA – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, the family-owned top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, has already reached its goal of raising $25,000 to fight malaria in eastern Ghana through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. Started on November 12th, the campaign “Help Dr. Bronner’s Fight Malaria in Eastern Ghana” set out to raise and match $25,000 by December 21, 2012 to provide mosquito nets (also known as bed nets) for thousands of families in the Asuom region to prevent the spread of malaria, a common and debilitating disease in the area where the palm oil for Dr. Bronner’s soap is produced. A video and information about the campaign is available at http://www.indiegogo.com/drbronners.

“Funds raised to date will go towards malaria prevention to cover the shortfall in the Ghanaian government’s bed net distribution program. Thanks to our supporters and customers we have met our goal. We plan to continue to raise and match funds until December 21st in order to purchase additional nets and start allocating resources towards a new maternity ward to increase capacity for providing pre-natal care and other women’s health services at the hospital in Asuom, the next priority community project identified by our local partners,” says Michael Bronner, Vice President of Dr. Bronner’s.

As of December 3rd, according to Indiegogo.com analytics, the campaign page has had 6,033 views, 17,301 visitors, and 588 funders for a total of $25,142 donations. Numerous positive comments have been posted from campaign supporters, including:

“I have used Dr. Bronner’s products for 30 years. Thank you for making the best soaps and lip balms on the market and providing a business model worthy of imitation!”

“We are happy to support Dr. Bronner in their efforts to fight Malaria in Eastern Ghana. We also do not need a perk sent to us. Our perk is in helping in some small way.”

“I am using this campaign as Holiday presents for all of my friends and family. By donating in their names and sending them the contribution message along with the perk I am spreading awareness, especially to the children on my list. What a wonderful project and an avenue to awareness. Thank you Bronners!”

“I appreciate the heart, dedication, and vision of the Bronner family. Support this project? Of course!”

“I’ll never forget Mrs. Bronner answering the phone, when I called years ago to ask a question! This company is so personal and real, it’s tremendous! Finally a way to make a meaningful contribution you know is actually getting to the place and people it’s intended for – and making a real difference.”

Along with the crowdfunding campaign, Dr. Bronner’s has released an animated educational video entitled “Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Palm Oil: Animated” that tells the story of their fair trade palm oil project in Asuom, Ghana. As of December 3rd the video, according to youtube.com, has an estimated 4,500 views.

“We created this video to educate consumers about our efforts to create a fair and sustainable supply chain for all major ingredients used in our products,” explained David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. “We are launching the video in connection with the crowdfunding campaign to provide an opportunity for our customers and the public to contribute to the positive life-changing work that fair trade initiatives are fueling in producer communities. Ultimately we want to raise more awareness and build a movement of conscious consumers dedicated to making all trade fair.”

Serendipalm is Dr. Bronner’s sister company in Asuom, Ghana that produces the fair trade and organic palm oil used in the brand’s bar soap. In addition to ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for farmers, farm workers and production staff, Dr. Bronner’s pays a 10% premium to a Fair Trade fund used for community development projects in the region. This fund has already provided four deep water wells, living quarters for nurses at a local hospital and school supplies for children. The local community has plans for other projects, such as a new maternity ward at the local hospital, which additional funds from this campaign will support, as soon as they become available.

“The approach is simple. Every donation of $10 covers the cost of one bed net for a family in need. All contributors to the Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign who donate $10 or more will receive a special bar of soap with a commemorative label that we created as a thank you perk for donations to this effort,” explains Lisa Bronner, David and Michael’s sister, who runs the “Going Green with a Bronner Mom” blog on the company Website. “A range of other perks including t-shirts, DVD’s, a fair trade gift basket, a tour of the Dr. Bronner’s soap plant, dinner with our family, and even a trip to Ghana to visit the palm oil mill are being offered for various donation amounts. We are matching each dollar raised to generate a minimum total of at least $50,000 towards this initiative.”

For further information on Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, please visit: https://info.drbronner.com.