Dr. Bronner’s Announces Major Company News At Natural Products Expo West

Top-Selling Natural Brand of Soap Unveils New “Old & Improved” Product Labels, All-One Toothpaste and All-One Report

March 02, 2015

VISTA, CA – Dr. Bronner’s, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, has four important announcements to share this spring of 2015. The company looks forward to a year of growth, action, and giving, as it presents its new “Old & Improved” product labels, All-One Report, new toothpaste, and the republishing of founder, Emanuel Bronner’s Moral ABC book.

New “Old & Improved” Labels
Dr. Bronner’s has launched an “Old & Improved” redesign of the company’s iconic labels. Modeled after the aesthetic of the original labels on bottles of soap first created by Dr. E.H. Bronner in 1948, and transcribed by his son Ralph Bronner, the “Old & Improved” labels preserve and affirm the authenticity and history of the brand, as well as reflect the modern ethos and style of the current generation of the Bronner family.

All original content of Dr. E.H. Bronner’s Moral ABC have been retained on the castile liquid soap labels, and will be so indefinitely; while content on the brand’s newer products, including its USDA Organic body care line and Whole and White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil, includes the Moral ABC as well as text that speaks to how the company is putting its All-One! Mission into action, by pioneering Fair Trade projects and standards, protecting Organic Integrity, and advocating for social and environmental justice across a wide range of issues.

For a timeline showcasing the evolution of the classic Castile Liquid Soap labels over the years, see: http://info.drbonner.com/media-center/productlabeltimeline.

Read the full press release with more information about Dr. Bronner’s “Old & Improved” labels on the Web site: https://info.drbronner.com/media-center/united-states/press-releases/.

All-One Report

Dr. Bronner’s has published its first annual All-One Report to document the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. The report expounds on the ways in which Dr. Bronner’s honors these two statements from founder Dr. E.H. Bronner’s Moral ABC—the text that adorns the labels of the brand’s renowned products: “We are all brothers and sisters and we should take care of each other and Spaceship Earth!” and, “Constructive Capitalism is where you share the profits with the workers and the Earth from which you made it!”

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Report includes a collection of writings and stories by company leadership and staff, data on the brand’s sustainability programs and progressive business practices as well as its financial contributions to charitable and activist causes including GMO labeling, drug policy reform, animal advocacy, and the commercialization of industrial hemp. The report explains the company’s progressive business practices; its commitment to organic and fair trade sourcing; as well as future sustainability goals and details for how Dr. Bronner’s plans to reach them.

To view the 2014 All-One Report, visit: https://info.drbronner.com/media-center/allonereport2015.
New Toothpaste
Dr. Bronner’s newest product, All-One Toothpaste, will launch in spring of 2015 nationwide. The low-foaming formula is fluoride-free, vegan, made with 70% organic ingredients and non- GMO. NSF Certified, the All-One Toothpaste is made with organic coconut oil and coconut flour, which aid as a mild abrasive. Peppermint, Cinnamon, Anise essential oils flavors—All-One Toothpaste for fresh and clean from head to toe!
Learn more about the All-One Toothpaste: https://info.drbronner.com/media-center/product-press-releases/.
Moral ABC
In honor of company founder E.H. Bronner’s life’s work, the Moral ABC—the text that blankets the Castile Liquid Soap labels—the company has compiled and re-published Dr. Bronner’s collected Moral ABCs, with an introduction and post-script by his late son Ralph Bronner and his grandsons Michael Bronner, Vice President of Dr. Bronner’s, and David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s. Read the digital version of the new Moral ABC book on the company’s website.
Dr. Bronner’s commitment to healthy and sustainable agriculture, corporate accountability, and consumers’ right to know is part of the company’s mission to put into practice the social and ecological principles that inform Dr. Bronner’s philosophy printed on the company’s iconic soap labels.
For further information on Dr. Bronner’s, please visit the Web site: https://info.drbronner.com.