DIY Time: Make Your Own Scrub for Silky Smooth Skin with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Unscented Baby-Mild Liquid Soap

February 1, 2013

Dr. Bronner’s is taking creativity to a whole new level, inviting you to ‘make your own body scrub with Unscented Baby Mild Soap!’ A gentle, unscented formulation, Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Soap is suitable for all skin types resulting in perfectly polished skin.

Creating your own tailored body scrub and achieving beautifully soft skin couldn’t be simpler with these three easy to follow steps…

Step1 – Prefer a scent? If you are in need of calm and tranquility just add a 2 – 3 drops of ylang ylang or if your skin is looking lacklustre, experience your body scrub using rosehip seed oil, formulated to tighten, tone and brighten dull skin. Once you have chosen your favoured oil just add to the soap and gently mix for an even blend.

Step 2 – Choose your preferred exfoliator. Sugar and coffee granules are ideal exfoliator options. Both gently remove dead skin cells whilst improving circulation. Coffee granules not only aid in detoxifying the body, but they also help reduce varicose veins, whilst banishing cellulite (one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets!) In a similar manner, sugar granules gently soften dry, rough patches to smooth those hardened elbows, knees and heels! Once you have selected your exfoliator, gently mix into the baby mild soap for an even consistency.

Step 3 – Apply your bespoke body scrub and see the results! Whilst in the shower, evenly cover the entire body and with a hot cleansing cloth or flannel, work in small circular movements upwards for best results.

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps contain no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances, dyes or whiteners and use 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) cylinder bottles and paper labels. Completely biodegradable, the soaps are made with certified Fair Trade and organic ingredients sourced from India, Ghana, Palestine, Israel, and Sri Lanka. Each and every one of Dr. Bronner’s products is USDA and Fair Trade certified, with large portions of profits (between 30% to 70%) donated to charities each year.

Also available in: Peppermint, Lavender, Almond, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Rose and Citrus Orange.     RRP $3.95 / 59ml, $7.95 / 236ml, $19.95 / 944ml

Dr. Bronner’s products are available at health, natural product and organic stores nationally. Stockist number: 03 9572 3311 or

For further information, product samples or images please contact Belinda Andrade at
PR Chicks 0425 252 822 or email

Notes to editors:

Dr. Emanuel Bronner was a third generational soap maker who spent his life renouncing hate and war on a personal mission to unite mankind. His strong views and lectures landed him in a mental asylum in Chicago, but eight months later in 1948, Bronner escaped and continued with his message in California. During this time, he also began making peppermint liquid soap under the ‘Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ brand. He gave away soap during his talks but soon realized people were taking it without listening to him speak. As a result, he started writing his philosophy on the bottle in tiny script, which is still used on Bronner’s packaging today.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps mark their 64th anniversary this year and are currently the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and widely renowned around the world, with a celebrity fan base including Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Sandra Bullock and Bobbi Brown.