‘Avoid The Winter Bug!’ with the NEW Sweet Smelling, Moisturising Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray From Dr. Bronner’s

October 1, 2013

This year, avoid the winter flu and start as you mean to go on by getting into the habit of using a hand sanitizer. Nearly 80% of all germs that cause sickness bugs are spread via our hands and you are more likely to find more harmful bacteria on your computer keyboard than on your toilet seat! Yes, hands are the biggest germ transporter of the entire body….

Until now many of the hand sanitizers on the market have been full of chemical nasties that can potentially be even more harmful to your body than the germs themselves! Thanks to the USA’s no.1 natural brand of soaps and leaders in eco beauty, now it’s time to say goodbye to harmful pests for good with the NEW Dr. Bronner’s organic fair trade hand sanitizing spray (RRP £2.99).

Not only that but unlike other hand sanitizers that can leave your hands sticky and dry the Dr. Bronner’s organic fair trade hand sanitizing spray contains organic glycerin to moisturise the skin, leaving your mitts soft, supple and smooth!

Just one handy 59ml bottle can provide up to 500 sprays, killing 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds! The sumptuous lavender scent calms the skin and senses’ in just one spritz, offering a spectrum of healing and antioxidant powers.

Containing 62% Organic Ethanol, Water and Organic Lavender OilThe Bronner’s organic fair trade hand sanitizing spray is certified under the same National Organic Program that verifies food and is free from gmo-alcohol and petro-carbomer thickener.


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray RRP £2.99 59ml

Available on the UK websitewww.drbronner.co.uk

To find your nearest stockist call t: 0845 072 5825 




Notes to editors:

Dr. Emanuel Bronner was a third generational soap maker who spent his life renouncing hate and war on a personal mission to unite mankind. His strong views and lectures landed him in a mental asylum in Chicago. But, eight months later, in 1948, Bronner escaped and continued with spreading his message around California. During this time, he also began making peppermint liquid soap under the ‘Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ brand. He gave away soap during his talks but soon realized people were taking it without listening. As a result, he started writing his philosophy on the bottle in a tiny script, which is still used on Dr. Bronner’s packaging today.